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​Bente Bøygard, born 20.02.90. 

Norwegian outdoor person - love hiking, nature and dog training.

Animals has been a big part of my life, and I always wanted a dog... 
I was at my first basic obedience seminar in 1999, with a borrowed dog. And in 2001, I got my own, a high drive Toller Retrievers named Roxy.We did a bit agility, but he was sold to the police after 2 years. Nemo came in to my life in 2005, and that was when it really started. My main goal was to approve him as a Norwegian Search and Rescue dog, 15 years old and no driver`s license. Luckily, I had a mum who constantly drove me to SAR trainings and my training “parents” Nina Forus and Eric Mills who dragged me all over the country. After several years, and many hours of training, we finally got our approval. We have experienced a lot together and has numerous search operations behind us. 
I have also competed in agility with my corgi "yatzy" and been instructor (basic level) at different seminars.


I imported a field golden from USA in 2014, Flint, and everything has escalated since I bought him. He is definitely my dream dog! We are competing in obedience and retriever trials. 


I do not follow a spesific "training theory". My philosophy are very simple. I reward the dog to reinforce a wanted behavior, and I ignore/corrects unwanted behavior. I believe in a sound relationship with the dog, who are built on trust, fairness, care and boundaries. For me, the dogs are more a lifestyle than a hobby.


Photo: Arve Holm

Photo: Synnøve Matre

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